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Papa Appreciation

On the drive to dinner tonight, I felt a twinge of appreciation for my dad being around.  I have memories of him, most of them good, and almost all heart-wrenching after 1993.  “Huey Lewis and the Snooze” as Sid calls … Continue reading

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Vacation Part II

For the second time this year, I have vacationed in a manner involving one-on-one time with Little Guy and socializing time with family during the evenings and weekend.  I find this kind of vacationing more therapeutic and soothing, as opposed to having … Continue reading

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Half-Wished Dreams

I dreamed last night that Ex was still alive.  We were divorced, and he was still alive.  Ex had wanted to plan a Fairy Party in a trendy store in a nearby half-trendy town.  I agreed to help Ex get more … Continue reading

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Vacation Pre-Planned and Needed More than Ever!

I am on vacation.  Yes, I took two of them this year.  Why?  Because I can and I need to.  No, I don’t get paid vacation, but I get time off.  I have had this trip loosely planned since August … Continue reading

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Since the passing in September, I’ve been a bit on the run housesitting from place to place then back at my old house.  I’ve had about 6 or 7 shirts and two pair of pants and about 6 or 7 … Continue reading

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My Zen

I find my zen while doing dishes in the morning.  Sometimes, I can hear the zen chimes.  Crazy, right?  Mostly I have time to think.   In the morning, it’s quiet.  Little Guy’s asleep.  The sun rises.  I take my … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Mea Culpa

As a woman who grew up in Utah in the Mormon culture, I learned that everything is a woman’s fault.  Awesome.  I am the kind of person who feels responsible for almost everything and everyone.  I am the kind of … Continue reading

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I get a lot of spam email.  After Ex died, I wondered if he had signed me up for these as a last dying joke. Emails about Enzyte, Viagra, Meet Christian Singles (ick, blik, yuck!) started showing up.  Okay, the … Continue reading

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Making New Memories

I took Little Guy trick-or-treating, well trunk-or-treating, on Halloween and then to a community Halloween party.  Little Guy had a blast.  I forgot the camera, so I’ll fake some pics later of Little Guy.  I had a good time seeing … Continue reading

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