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NYC, OCD, and no hand sanitizer!

  Yes, I did this. I went to New York City with  my obsessive-compulsive hand washing, forgot my hand sanitizer and survived! I know that I could have bought some hand sanitizer while I traveled. I had every intention of … Continue reading

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Badass Moment Reclamation

My dad and I haven’t spoken in nearly 10 years. It’s just so normal that when people have asked me recently if I have any family where I’m from, I say, “no.” Even though my dad still lives there, it … Continue reading

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The Break Up With Sugar

I broke up with processed sugar six days ago. I had to do it. Sugar had dragged me down for the last time. I didn’t like the way it made me feel. It didn’t have anything to say back to … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Things to Let Go

During my layoff over the last seven weeks, I revealed a few things to myself that need to go.  Of course I have the literal, tangible items that need to go.  I filled up two rooms of a friend’s basement … Continue reading

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TT – I’m Late

I find it only appropriate to post this… late.  I also find this topic appropriate because I always run late.  Almost everywhere I go.  If you want me to be somewhere on time, tell me to be there 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Priorities, Resolutions, and Focus

Last winter or fall, I made a resolution to do one thing at a time, to stop multitasking.  This decision came about after a few conversations on the phone where I did other things at the same time: emailed, surfed … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Joy of Autumn

Joys that have come this fall have included Little Guy’s successes.  During Single Mama Weekend at the end of September, he started using the potty 100% (1 year and 9 months of training) and CHOSE to wear underwear.  Except for … Continue reading

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