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TT – A Proclamation to the World

I may have covered this before.  Just in case I didn’t, I have a proclamation to the world: I LOVE MY COFFEE MAKER! Last November, I visited Sid.  He had a fancy coffee maker that brewed into a metal carafe … Continue reading

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Folding Laundry and Moving On

While putting away my clean basket of socks and underwear, I found a long, white, man’s sock.   Shit.  Really?  I thought to myself.  Boy, I move fast and don’t do laundry very often. It has been 10 days since … Continue reading

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Increase the Caffeine

After drinking tea for 7 months rather than coffee, I switched back to coffee.  Life got too crazy for me to put up with tea.  I needed the real stuff.  I knew the truth when I started brewing my morning … Continue reading

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“Move Out. Don’t Mess Around.” – Yaz

I moved my schtuff out of Ex’s yesterday.  The house feels a little bare, but lighter.  Maybe that’s how I feel, since I’m only wearing a bathrobe and I just pushed out a #2.   One of my friends helped … Continue reading

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TT – The Psychology of Running

The psychology of running requires mind games for me.  When I run, I pick a point in the distance to reach.  When I get there, I find that I can keep running far longer than I thought.   My former … Continue reading

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The Best

I’m at my mom’s right now, sitting at the kitchen table reading the weekend edition of the newspaper and drinking coffee.  I can’t stop smiling at this utopic moment. Oh, and I’m back on coffee.

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Cozied Up – Talk Thursday

I watched a movie last night with a girlfriend.  We settled into the cozy leather couch under her soft, white blanket and drank a bottle of wine from Jim Barry Vineyards, the shiraz. It tasted like berries with a touch … Continue reading

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Night Owl

I hate mornings, some more than others.  Even when I get enough sleep as I did last night, I still don’t like mornings.  I didn’t have a drinky-drink last night either, so don’t try to blame alcohol for my daybreak … Continue reading

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Coffee Dreams

One night last week during the short, fitfull time that I slept, I had a nightmare.  I dreamed that I went over to someone’s house to have coffee, but my friend had run out and served the three of us … Continue reading

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Know what I love? Coffee!

Know what I love?  Coffee!  Not just any coffee, but fresh-ground coffee.   I’m a busy, working mom like most of the mothers in the U.S.  In the summer, I get one day off a week.  On my day off, … Continue reading

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