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The Apple and the Tree

My mom often did things that horrified me during my childhood.  These things I swore I would never do, and I could always tell when she had done them.  My mom would pluck her eyebrows, and I didn’t know why … Continue reading

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Memories to Keep

My boyfriend came home last night around 9, and I told him Little Guy was still awake.  I had just been in his room to rescue the cat who I heard meowing and groaning, trapped in the arms and bed … Continue reading

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Aftermath – Talk Thursday

Yesterday, Little Guy, my boyfriend, his mom and I drove down to have lunch with Boyfriend’s grandmother.  While in her city, we went to Wally World, or Wal-mart, as others call it.  I bought two educational activity books for Little … Continue reading

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Happy Cat

My cat is so happy right now.  He has draped his paw and head over my left arm, snuggled his body next to my leg and won’t stop purring.  Yes, it’s hard to type with him on me like this, … Continue reading

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All Hallow’s Eve – Talk Thursday

I remember one year in the 90’s when Sid dressed up as a skeleton and painted teeth on his lips. It looked so creepy when he would smile and show off that double-set of chompers.  I probably had nightmares.   We … Continue reading

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A Break

Little Guy had his first sleepover this weekend.  He did great, and Husband and I enjoyed a little peace and quiet and got to go out TOGETHER.  Girlfriend and I were going out on Friday night, and I decided to … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Soothing Naturals

Mom and I always ran late (and still do).  Eggo waffles made the best, quick breakfast.  On frenzied, school/work days, we’d chow down an Eggo or two at the table using real, breakable plates and steel forks.  Eggos needed butter … Continue reading

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