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Increase the Caffeine

After drinking tea for 7 months rather than coffee, I switched back to coffee.  Life got too crazy for me to put up with tea.  I needed the real stuff.  I knew the truth when I started brewing my morning … Continue reading

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Two Big Silly Dogs

After scheduling showers at various friends’ houses between the last housesitting gig at my Ex’s and this one that started yesterday, I am so happy to have hot water and get to shower at the same place every day for … Continue reading

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TT – I’m Late

I find it only appropriate to post this… late.  I also find this topic appropriate because I always run late.  Almost everywhere I go.  If you want me to be somewhere on time, tell me to be there 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Happy Cat

My cat is so happy right now.  He has draped his paw and head over my left arm, snuggled his body next to my leg and won’t stop purring.  Yes, it’s hard to type with him on me like this, … Continue reading

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“Move Out. Don’t Mess Around.” – Yaz

I moved my schtuff out of Ex’s yesterday.  The house feels a little bare, but lighter.  Maybe that’s how I feel, since I’m only wearing a bathrobe and I just pushed out a #2.   One of my friends helped … Continue reading

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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

Normally, I look forward to housesitting for Ex-Husband.  Ten days this time.  He has TV (that I don’t watch but could), no roommates to schedule laundry days with, wireless internet, oh yeah, and more than half my schtuff is still … Continue reading

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Last night after work as I enjoyed my shift drink, Duck Pond Cabernet (yum!), my friends and I were laughing over this situation: We have internet at the house again, but only enough hot water for one person to shower … Continue reading

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