I get a lot of spam email.  After Ex died, I wondered if he had signed me up for these as a last dying joke. Emails about Enzyte, Viagra, Meet Christian Singles (ick, blik, yuck!) started showing up.  Okay, the christian singles one started showing up a lot earlier, but I can’t figure out why.  

I know Ex didn’t sign me up for spam email, but it’s a funny, dark thought to think he did.

While staying in the old house, I have realized that I still feel resentful and mad at times over everything that I have to put in order, even though I have Y&H and my mom and a good friend helping me get things straightened out the best they can.  I have a hundred offers from people to help me with anything and not much I can delegate.  I have about a thousand things I need to do that get pushed to the bottom of the list, such as, changing Ex’s Facebook photo that a stranger suggested that I do.

While some things on the Tying Up Ex’s Loose Ends To-Do List grow, some go away naturally.  I love it when those happen.  The child support agency got notified by the state.  Check!  I didn’t have to call them.  Selling his vehicle and weapon?  Y&H is on it and has buyers for both items and a few other things.  Getting this house off my hands?  I have my momma, two attorneys, and a financial advisor helping me figure out that.  And I’m so grateful.

I know that everything will work out eventually.  Now, back to the paperwork, so I can make it happen.  I intend to have papers off the dining room table and into a file organizer by the end of the night and  a complete spreadsheet of all loose ends Ex left behind.  Check!

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One Response to Ponderings

  1. Cele says:

    If the papers stay off the table and filed would you please give me lessons?

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