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Coffee Dreams

One night last week during the short, fitfull time that I slept, I had a nightmare.  I dreamed that I went over to someone’s house to have coffee, but my friend had run out and served the three of us … Continue reading

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Life is Crazy. (Talk Thursday – “Scattered”)

Life is crazy.  Life is short.  You only live once (that you remember).  Life’s a bitch and then you die.   The last one I don’t live by, but the first three have run through my head for the last … Continue reading

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Distraction and Forgetfulness

I had a typical morning today.  I got up, made my coffee, got my kid up and we got ready to go.  On the mornings when I work from home, I let the dog ride in the hatch during the … Continue reading

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Silly Question of the Day – Animals

One evening while filling up the water bowl with our cold well water for my critters, a dog and a royal cat, I wondered, can dogs and cats get brain freeze?

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Talk Thursday – The First Step

The other day while reading blogs on my Tag Surfer, I read a blog about keeping one’s focus.  I tried to find the blog again just now, but couldn’t.  I wanted to give credit where credit’s due.  Anyway, I read … Continue reading

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I would love to post about this week’s Talk Thursday “The First Step,” but first I have to ask myself, why, why, why did I drink so much tonight? And why, why, why did it taste so good?   And … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – The Space in Between

I feel like I need some space today, some quiet, some alone-time. If my kid wanted to tag along, I’d be alright with that.  Last week’s forced quiet served me well.   We had an early night Friday night at … Continue reading

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