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The Best

I’m at my mom’s right now, sitting at the kitchen table reading the weekend edition of the newspaper and drinking coffee.  I can’t stop smiling at this utopic moment. Oh, and I’m back on coffee.

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ah, vacation

For the first time that I can remember, I am taking advantage of having time off.  The restaurant closed on Sunday for its semi-annual cleaning and repair time during off-season.  In the past, I have spent this time doing unenjoyable … Continue reading

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fun in the snow

Saturday, I didn’t have to be work until 4. I picked up Little Guy at 7:30 a.m., after 3 hours of sleep.  I went out this weekend.  More on that at another time.  Anyway, sometime around lunchtime, Little Guy and … Continue reading

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Run #2 of the Year

I ran for the second time this year yesterday.  I ran for 30 minutes straight.  I didn’t know I could or had that strength in me.  The stinky dogs tired out by the end, too.  I thought for picking up … Continue reading

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Housesitting Week 3 4/14/09 The weeks have passed as I expected, almost.  I missed Boyfriend the first week.  The second week, I adjusted to having him gone.  This week, I look forward to his return, but I have so much … Continue reading

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TT – Dense Fog: Housesitting and Dogsitting Day 3

4/2/09 Thursday   I don’t feel right today, like my head’s in a dense fog.  I had a hard time concentrating and didn’t want to eat anything but the BRAT diet for fear that my diarrhea would return.  I drank … Continue reading

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Oh Sh*t!

4/1/09 Wednesday I got to work and worked things out with my boss. We had a disagreement the week before. She and I get along really well and seem to communicate well. She can have a difficult personality, but she … Continue reading

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