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TT – I’m Late

I find it only appropriate to post this… late.  I also find this topic appropriate because I always run late.  Almost everywhere I go.  If you want me to be somewhere on time, tell me to be there 15 minutes … Continue reading

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On a personal note

I’m still living with Roomie and her family.  My room is almost always a mess.  I realized that this is due to having two people living in one room.  We’re enjoying it, even though we’re cramped.  Roomie finished the bathroom … Continue reading

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Housesitting Week 3 4/14/09 The weeks have passed as I expected, almost.  I missed Boyfriend the first week.  The second week, I adjusted to having him gone.  This week, I look forward to his return, but I have so much … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday: Shooting Star

Ever since girls’ night last month, I’ve noticed the stars, in particular the shooting ones.  (Are they shooting or falling?) I don’t have to watch too long before one streaks through the sky here.  I grew up in a big city … Continue reading

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