TT – I’m Late

I find it only appropriate to post this… late.  I also find this topic appropriate because I always run late.  Almost everywhere I go.  If you want me to be somewhere on time, tell me to be there 15 minutes before you want me there.  It works.  I swear.  

I have had this trait since forever, and I would blame motherhood, but in all honesty, I ran late before I had a child.  

I can trace learning this habit back to both my parents.  They both ran late almost all the time everywhere they went.  Hm, a pattern emerges.  I wonder if they learned it from their parents.  

I made it one of my goals last year to better prepare myself each night for the next day to nip this thing in the bud.  I still pick sleep or internet over prepping for the next day.  

So, I’m housesitting and dogsitting for the next week.  I started this morning.  Last week, my boss yelled at me for being late to work by 2 minutes.  Yes, 2 minutes.  My boss asked me to “Please get here 5 minutes early from now on.”  

The house is a little farther away from work than mine, but closer to the highway.  It took me 5 minutes to get to work today, and I had planned on 10.  That’s right.  I arrived at work 5 minutes early which gave me enough time to put my contacts in and apply blush and mascara all in time to start working… on time.  

I. Love. Housesitting. Here.

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