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Talk Thursday – Spoiled

My arrival home on Tuesday prompted this topic.  I walked through the door and smelled delicious meaty aromas of a near ready dinner in the kitchen, the fading scent of Swiffer Wet, saw vacuum tracks on the carpet, and my … Continue reading

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Now That Things Have Changed

Remember the last showdown Ex and I had over painting Little Guy’s nails?  Little Guy does.  After I got out of the shower yesterday morning, Little Guy noticed my painted toe nails.  “I want paint on my nails,” he said.  … Continue reading

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I’ve thought all week about the last post I wrote and whether it’s a small issue or a big one.  I don’t want to fight about small stuff, if it doesn’t matter.   I don’t have to fight with Ex … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Coming Back to Life

It’s summer.  I get Sundays off.  In order to keep coming back to life every Monday, I will spend every Sunday this summer recharging my batteries, unless I have to work.  Just kidding.  I will really try to avoid working … Continue reading

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Two Big Silly Dogs

After scheduling showers at various friends’ houses between the last housesitting gig at my Ex’s and this one that started yesterday, I am so happy to have hot water and get to shower at the same place every day for … Continue reading

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Happy Cat

My cat is so happy right now.  He has draped his paw and head over my left arm, snuggled his body next to my leg and won’t stop purring.  Yes, it’s hard to type with him on me like this, … Continue reading

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Last night after work as I enjoyed my shift drink, Duck Pond Cabernet (yum!), my friends and I were laughing over this situation: We have internet at the house again, but only enough hot water for one person to shower … Continue reading

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TT – Dense Fog: Housesitting and Dogsitting Day 3

4/2/09 Thursday   I don’t feel right today, like my head’s in a dense fog.  I had a hard time concentrating and didn’t want to eat anything but the BRAT diet for fear that my diarrhea would return.  I drank … Continue reading

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1. If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?  Hm, well, what kind of betrayal?  Is he telling all my secrets or boinking someone?  I’d get over it either way.   2. If you have a dream you’d … Continue reading

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Night Owl

I hate mornings, some more than others.  Even when I get enough sleep as I did last night, I still don’t like mornings.  I didn’t have a drinky-drink last night either, so don’t try to blame alcohol for my daybreak … Continue reading

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