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Inner Dialogue on Dating, & My Parents’ Influence

This week I heard my inner dialogue about dating again go like this: ‘My mom gave up years ago. So can I!’ What. The. Fudge?!?! ‘Now that I think about it, my dad gave up long before my mom did, … Continue reading

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I feel restless and unsettled. I have felt this way all day. It started when I went to work, where most of my yucky feelings begin. Today has sat in my stomach like a knotted ball of yarn, tan and … Continue reading

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He’s a Keeper

Conversation from Sunday went like this: Son: Thanks for making me clean my room today. Me: What? Son: Thanks for making me clean my room. It really needed it! Me: Uhhh, you’re welcome! For the record, I didn’t make him … Continue reading

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Rafting Down the River or Not

For the first time since my move last April, I got asked out. I knew it would happen eventually whether during my commute or at work or at the book store. It happened at work. He asked if I’d like … Continue reading

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The First One

I fell in love the first time in May 1995 to the best, most splendid boyfriend I have ever, ever had. We both had a knack for foreign languages, loved reading, politics, working out together, drinking strong coffee and eating … Continue reading

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Crack that whip!

The move to Denver brought a change in the romance department, too. I started dating a long-time friend last May. I met him through his sister years ago, before I had a child. He told me he liked me in … Continue reading

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Toot. Toot.

Little Guy is attending a new day camp this week. It lets out earlier than I get out of work, so my mom is helping out. Tonight when I got home, she told me that Little Guy¬†had gotten compliments at … Continue reading

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