10-month checkup and survived a cold!

I went in for my 10-month check up last Friday, February 7th. Blood levels are still normal. πŸ˜€

In the last month, I went on a 2nd round of antibiotics because my toe that had staph didn’t heal up all the way after the first round, and my ring fingers got infected. My chemo pill has a side effect that causes my nail beds to be very sensitive, fingers and toes. They get inflamed easily, and if the skin breaks, it takes a long time to heal and in general, my fingertips hurt. I am supposed to soak my fingers and toes in warm salty, salty, salt water three times a day for 15 minutes. I was really good about this for about a week when I went on antibiotics the 2nd time. Peeps, I sleep most nights these days, and getting up 30 minutes earlier than normal is not easy for me to do anymore. I used to be at the gym for HIIT class Monday through Thursday at 5:30 a.m. for a year with my teeth brushed and everything! How did I do that??? Actually, I’d do it again if I could. I LOVED HIIT!

Anyway, my fingers and toe got better. Also, starting and ending my day with a warm soak is pretty relaxing. I didn’t mind, and I listened to podcasts or meditations while I soaked.

My inflammation marker has creeped up by .10, and it was up .20 last month. My doctor asked about my work. I oversee operations for our region of the company. He said that sounded pretty stressful. I said it can be. I didn’t add that I had fired someone two days prior and everything felt better after that. I enjoy my job. I focus on developing the leaders of the operations team. It’s all about the people, and I love them like family. Also, we have a lot of fun. My doc said not to worry about .10 on the inflammation marker. I got the impression that I should keep stress in check. Good advice in general. Scans are next month, so we’ll know if the inflammation marker change means anything then.

Last month, I caught my first cold since diagnosis. The cough part was terrifying. It reminded me and my husband of a year ago when I coughed and didn’t get better until after heart surgery, and that took months to heal from. Husband said that my cough last year sounded like death (haha, yep pretty much where I was heading due to undiagnosed cancer and lots of fluid building up around my heart and lungs). This year, it just sounded like a cough. I got better and didn’t even get a sinus infection, though I started on antibiotics at the tail end of the cold, soooo I think I had that going for me as prevention.

PT is going well. I’ve been able to take the stairs this week without my hip and back grinding with pain on every step up. I even went up the stairs at home without using the hand rail or feeling like a Weeble-Wobble. Usually I rely on elevators because going up stairs is the worst. I’ve been doing my assigned exercises at home every other day. They help. I feel stronger. My back still hurts, but I can feel it getting stronger too. I was able to stand for an hour at work yesterday and be ok. Little sore this morning, I’ll admit, but not crushing pain. I’m healing. Slowly. πŸ˜€

Be well, friends. Thanks for reading. Sending you all some love!

Owie nail 2Owie nailHealed nail

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