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Date Night

I went on a date last night, a real honest-to-goodness date.  I needed daycare today while I was at work, but Little Guy’s daycare woman needed him there early in order to make her dog’s vet appointment.  She knows that … Continue reading

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Can’t Touch This

The other night while I lay on the couch in my old house talking to Y&H, I noticed some of Ex’s writing on one of the paper cut-out hearts I had taped to the wall a few years ago for … Continue reading

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One More Laugh

Little Guy was climbing on the couches making a bridge, when I told him, “No.” He fell down onto the pile of pillows between the couches and looked at me.   “Couches are for….” I said and waited for him … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – One Step at a Time

I have three theme songs these days.  (Nerd Alert!  I know.)  Often, I find myself singing the choruses of these songs…to myself. 1) “I Am a Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel 2) “Stronger” by Britney Spears 3) “One Step at … Continue reading

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Sometime in the last week I let some family members, to whom I don’t speak often, know that Ex had died.  These family members included my father who does not speak to me.  (Don’t get me started, it’s a long … Continue reading

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A Mourner’s Guilt

Little Guy and I are at the old house today.  Housesitting ended, and we don’t have anywhere else to go without imposing on anyone.  We took a walk in the neighborhood.  Little Guy started talking about the day that his … Continue reading

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What is the term to call yourself when your ex-husband dies?  I feel like a widow, but I’m not legally a widow.  That’s what it feels like, and another friend of mine said that she felt that way when her … Continue reading

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