Friday – Day 11 at the hospital

So, I can’t count. I thought until this week that I had only spent 10 days in the hospital. It was 12. Oops.

Friday, April 5th, I started taking my targeted treatment pill. I had to drink some Miralax and milk of magnesia. I pooped a tiny poop which took a lot of work to get out. The cardiology doctor clamped my heart drain.

Physical therapy came by taught me how to use crutches, so that I could go up and down stairs in a few weeks when I could walk well enough to be off my walker. We had a split level home at that time. The walk to the stairs in the hospital was farther than I had walked yet after femur surgery, and I had to take rests on the walker on the way there.

Nothing much else happened that day, except that we moved to a different floor of the hospital because I was doing better. It was at about 10 o’clock that night. Apparently it happens around the clock. I didn’t want to leave my awesome night nurse, Holly. I would have preferred to go to bed than have to stay up to change rooms. I had no choice, so off we went to meet my new night nurses.

The floor upstairs was quieter with a more tucked-away spot for C to sleep. I got another wrist monitor like I had in ICU and had fewer beeping machines. Going to the bathroom was much easier because I didn’t need to unplug from anything but the blood pressure cuff and my calf massager. I lost my oxygen humidifier by leaving it behind in my old room. It made great white noise. On a less busy floor, we slept better that night.

My IV had gone bad. Again. I got a new one every other day during my stay, and woke up with a 2nd one each time after surgery. I had so many during my stay that I lost track. The nurses woke me up at 3 to put in a new IV. It wasn’t so bad, since I knew they were coming. Someone almost always woke me up at three to take blood anyway. They were able to use the new IV for the blood samples and give me a break from the extra poke. I appreciated it! My arms and veins were tired! And every color of the rainbow, plus brown! Also, C is an amazing sleeper and slept through a lot of what I couldn’t.

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2 Responses to Friday – Day 11 at the hospital

  1. Gah! Those nurses coming in every hour to get blood was soooooooooooooo aggravating! Just found your blog. I have 2 brain tumors called Gangliocytoma. Glad to follow you!

  2. jenniphur says:

    Hi Heather! Sorry you’re healing from brain tumors! Thanks for the read! I like being able to connect to others who are dealing/healing with cancer!

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