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Inner Dialogue on Dating, & My Parents’ Influence

This week I heard my inner dialogue about dating again go like this: ‘My mom gave up years ago. So can I!’ What. The. Fudge?!?! ‘Now that I think about it, my dad gave up long before my mom did, … Continue reading

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Time Warp Mondays

I swear Monday mornings have a separate black hole that sucks time with twice the force. One minute passes like two. Simple tasks take 20 minutes, not ten. Coffee takes eight, torturous minutes to brew, instead of four. Making a … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Joy of Autumn

Joys that have come this fall have included Little Guy’s successes. ¬†During Single Mama Weekend at the end of September, he started using the potty 100% (1 year and 9 months of training) and CHOSE to wear underwear. ¬†Except for … Continue reading

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