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The line from a Fergie song keeps rolling through my head, incorrect grammar and all: “A girl like me don’t stay single for long.” I cannot remember the last time I was fully single. I know it’s only been two … Continue reading

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Last night, I dreamed about water.  Water meaning change.  I’m moving in less than 2 months. Yep.  I’m going to do it, and it’s going to be great and comforting and relieving to have more space. I have relationships on … Continue reading

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I Smell What I’m Stepping In

I’m in a non-relationship relationship.  What I mean is that I have an Ex-Boyfriend who is now called the Man I Date.  We live separately, awesome with some drawbacks, like oh fuck, I have to pay for everything again?!?  Well, … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Spoiled

My arrival home on Tuesday prompted this topic.  I walked through the door and smelled delicious meaty aromas of a near ready dinner in the kitchen, the fading scent of Swiffer Wet, saw vacuum tracks on the carpet, and my … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – Mea Culpa

As a woman who grew up in Utah in the Mormon culture, I learned that everything is a woman’s fault.  Awesome.  I am the kind of person who feels responsible for almost everything and everyone.  I am the kind of … Continue reading

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Date Night

I went on a date last night, a real honest-to-goodness date.  I needed daycare today while I was at work, but Little Guy’s daycare woman needed him there early in order to make her dog’s vet appointment.  She knows that … Continue reading

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What is the term to call yourself when your ex-husband dies?  I feel like a widow, but I’m not legally a widow.  That’s what it feels like, and another friend of mine said that she felt that way when her … Continue reading

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