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The Note – Grief Wave Warning

We’ve been doing some thorough cleaning around the house lately due to uninvited guests that stayed with us a few weeks: mice! First, Husband and I cleaned out the garage and found what had attracted them in his backcountry bag. … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary of the Most Horrible Day of the Year!

September 21st used to be the most horrible day of the year for me. Ex died 10 years ago. I have always said every year it gets easier. It’s still true. This year just wasn’t a big deal. Little Guy … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Last Relationship

I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit beating myself up over my last relationship. It lasted 4 months, a new record of shortness. Here’s what happened and what I learned: The first date I cancelled it. Someone informed … Continue reading

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The Magical Fifth Year

I took a week off from work in November and stayed home to sort through the remaining bins of Ex’s things. I didn’t make it through all of it, or even half, I don’t think, but while sorting it didn’t … Continue reading

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It’s the Most Horrible Day of the Year

Sing it with me! Everybody! Five years ago today, my life changed forever. I woke up with that thought. I laid in bed and thought, ‘Five years ago right now, I found my ex-husband dead.’ The memories from that day … Continue reading

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Can’t Spit the Words Out

I ran into an acquaintance this evening at the recycling center. She doesn’t know me well, but she mentioned a fund raiser going on next weekend. I told her that I wish I could attend but that I would be … Continue reading

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Sometimes, my eyes spit a little.

Today I woke up early, a bit before 5. I enjoy getting up then because I know I’ll have a productive morning. I had slept well, but I had weird dreams. I dreamed that I had a few things left … Continue reading

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