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Cozied Up – Talk Thursday

I watched a movie last night with a girlfriend.  We settled into the cozy leather couch under her soft, white blanket and drank a bottle of wine from Jim Barry Vineyards, the shiraz. It tasted like berries with a touch … Continue reading

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I would love to post about this week’s Talk Thursday “The First Step,” but first I have to ask myself, why, why, why did I drink so much tonight? And why, why, why did it taste so good?   And … Continue reading

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Two Wine Reviews in One

First, here’s a review of Yellow Tail Cabernet.  Blossom had just mentioned hers, so I didn’t want to be redundant.  I drank that one last week.  Here it is: It tastes like blackberries, spice like cinnamon, vanilla & oak finish. … Continue reading

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Black Stone Pinot Noir Review

Hello, all.  Since some of my passion and energy goes toward enjoying and tasting wine, I will start a new blog where I share my experiences with a different, affordable red wine each week.   Since I don’t have that … Continue reading

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Silly Question of the Day

Can one listen to INXS in excess? I’ve been on an INXS kick for a week or two.  Maybe I will find it excessive by the end of next week.  I don’t know how many more times I can listen … Continue reading

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