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The Big Picture

In the big picture, love is all that matters.  I’m not sure where that leaves the grey matter of my non-relationship.  He still loves me.  I still love him.  I know for a fact that a whole bunch of other … Continue reading

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Riding the Wild Mouse

My non-relationship has grown on me a bit.  I understand the grey area more than I did.  I understand that Not-My-Boyfriend still wants to spend time with me and still likes me, he just doesn’t want to live with me. … Continue reading

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Tiny Rant of the Day

I noticed something over the weekend, maybe started the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s just in my town because I don’t notice it in the town where I work, for example.  What is up with women following men around like … Continue reading

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moment of weakness

I don’t want to go to bed by myself tonight.  I hate to admit this. I’m having a moment of weakness.  I have been the woman who celebrates single life and enjoying my time with myself.  Tonight, I feel so … Continue reading

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Little Buddha, Little Buddha

I’ve been having some personality conflict with someone at work.  I refuse to discuss details online, but I lost my temper slightly at work yesterday toward this person.  After, I started thinking, ‘Little Buddha, she’s just testing me.  She’s just … Continue reading

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