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New Beginnings

Cheers to the season of breakups and engagements and weddings. I toast this cup of coffee to my recent breakup from the man that everyone, including me, thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Life has no … Continue reading

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A Mourner’s Guilt

Little Guy and I are at the old house today.  Housesitting ended, and we don’t have anywhere else to go without imposing on anyone.  We took a walk in the neighborhood.  Little Guy started talking about the day that his … Continue reading

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Folding Laundry and Moving On

While putting away my clean basket of socks and underwear, I found a long, white, man’s sock.   Shit.  Really?  I thought to myself.  Boy, I move fast and don’t do laundry very often. It has been 10 days since … Continue reading

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Pack Rat

Hello, my name is Jenniphur, and I am a pack rat and daughter of two pack rats whose parents were also pack rats.  I married a pack rat, and the pack rat future for my son looks bright.   I … Continue reading

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