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Death Date Dream

Friday morning, I woke up just before my alarm. I had just dreamed that I was going to die that day. I made preparations by writing goodbye letters to all of my coworkers, like big valentines with their first names … Continue reading

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Can’t Spit the Words Out

I ran into an acquaintance this evening at the recycling center. She doesn’t know me well, but she mentioned a fund raiser going on next weekend. I told her that I wish I could attend but that I would be … Continue reading

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I am not a fan of birthdays.  I don’t like the extra attention or lavish gifts.  I don’t want to be asked my age because it’s not polite to ask a lady that.  Having the birthday song sung to me … Continue reading

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Happy Cat

My cat is so happy right now.  He has draped his paw and head over my left arm, snuggled his body next to my leg and won’t stop purring.  Yes, it’s hard to type with him on me like this, … Continue reading

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It’s official.

I’m divorced.  Yay!  I’m divorced! Friday morning, divorce day, I woke up to four elk in the field outside my bedroom window.  The sun rose next presenting all colors: orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, violet.  Little Guy and I sat … Continue reading

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Optimistic Realism

Holy cow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since November. I have written, but not much or frequently. Mom visited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She stayed with Ex for Thanksgiving and with me for Christmas. After her Christmas stay, … Continue reading

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