On a personal note

I’m still living with Roomie and her family.  My room is almost always a mess.  I realized that this is due to having two people living in one room.  We’re enjoying it, even though we’re cramped.  Roomie finished the bathroom downstairs which made life a lot easier for everyone.  We still have just one shower and hot water issues at this time.  

Boyfriend and I have exited the Honeymoon phase of our relationship.  As he spent a month on the road, and I took care of his dogs and place, I realized more about myself and what I want from a partner.  I started a new list.  It includes some qualities that Boyfriend has, such as, that he likes to cook and we have a fabulous, passionate relationship, he’s great with kids, and we can talk about dang near anything without fear of offending the other.  He doesn’t have it all, though, and I’m starting to take issue with it, like the messy, messy house and religious differences and alcohol consumption.

Then, I started a gratitude journal.  I don’t write in it daily, but almost.  Mostly it contains the moments to cherish that happen between me and Kevin, like him staying right by me in the grocery store, or putting on pajamas when I tell him to.  What a good boy!  I love his age.  Anything good that happens or I think about, I write it down.  Sometimes, I write about the noises I hear in the field, like the frogs or the wind chimes, or coming home to herds of elk in the yard.  Talk about reverence!

I got approved for state aid to help with daycare costs today.  Holy fiddlesticks, I’m going to be okay for a while.  They will probably deny aid to me come winter.  We’ll see what happens.  Who knows where I’ll be living or working by then.  I’d like to get out of this mountain town.  I miss the city.  I miss opportunities.  I miss lots of live music venues.  I miss short drives to see live music that isn’t just hippie mountain music.  Nothing against hippies.  I just want more variety and zen centers and dance classes and color in my world.

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2 Responses to On a personal note

  1. Cele says:

    I use to keep a gratitude journal a long time ago. They really help put things in perspective when life is looking a bit bleary. I am glad you are back blogging. even if it’s only for this week. I’m hoping for next too.

  2. lynnblossom says:

    I used to do a gratitude journal too! it does work wonders. When life was especially trying when I was living in Medford, the mantra that got me through and turned it all around was, “I have everything I need.”

    It really works.

    I can’t wait to see you next week.

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