Housesitting Week 3


The weeks have passed as I expected, almost.  I missed Boyfriend the first week.  The second week, I adjusted to having him gone.  This week, I look forward to his return, but I have so much I need to get done in the next couple days.  

I thought that being here by myself would motivate me to organized the bags of paperwork that I need to get through.  It hasn’t.

I thought that being here by myself would motivate me to put a good polish on his place.  It hasn’t.  

I thought that having fewer distractions here would lead to reading more than I do.   I brought four of the books I’m in the middle of to finish during my stay, but I have cracked one open once.  I have read magazines and internet articles like I eat hummus.  I just can’t get enough.  

It seems that on my two or three nights to myself every week, I would rather make myself yummy to eat that Little Guy would not enjoy and watch a movie.  

I thought I would stay on top of the dishes, but I let them pile up for days until last night.  I had no clean plates or glasses or mugs, so I bought coffee yesterday morning instead of washing a mug and making my own beverage.  I could have used a dirty one again, but I had done that for three days already.  That applied to my water glass, too.  Tee hee.  Ew.

As much as I have enjoyed having my own space, especially farting whenever I want (Hold it in? Why?), I have missed the daily company of Girlfriend.  I see her every few days.  And damn, it’s an adjustment to go from sharing parenting responsibilities with her to doing it all alone.  

Next week, the restaurant will close for its semi-annual cleaning for a few days.  For the first time ever, I will take advantage of those days off and drive me and Little Guy to see my mom.  That’s where the crunch comes in.  

I want to move all my stuff back to my place before I take the trip.  I also want to wash the dogs.  They STINK!  I have to work Saturday and Sunday, so that leaves me with the next three days to accomplish laundry, the paperwork, the move, packing for the trip, the dog washing and probably a trip to the vet for one of the dogs.  

Looking at that list, I can’t believe I’ve been here two weeks already and gotten so little done.  I also wanted to get my Feng Shui book and figure out why this place sucks all motivation out of me.  I would be happy to lie in bed here more often than usual.  I watched movies instead of doing dishes.  I haven’t walked the dogs every day due to snowy weather.  I suppose there’s nothing wrong with sitting still every now and then.  It just feels weird to me.  

On top of that, I attempted to quit dairy a week ago.  It went well until Friday when I HAD to have cream in my coffee at work.  Then, I worked Sunday brunch, and Boss said she would make me anything I wanted, even Lamb Ribs.  I ordered the salmon and goat cheese omelette.  Ah, welcome to Flavor Bliss.  And how much flatulence would you like with that?  More than I had passed all week.  Frick, it was worth it!

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2 Responses to Undone

  1. Cele says:

    People who aren’t lactos intolerant chose to go non-dairy? I’m thinking my ice cream addiction would be a road block for me. And then there is sour cream. Oh and cream cheese.

    Maybe you didn’t have the motivation to do things on your list of could be dones if I really wanted to…
    1) You really didn’t want to because it’s not your stuff
    2) You really needed the down time
    3) Hey, Calista uses the same tea cup for days on end, and let’s not mention her coffee cup, without washing it for health reasons… and I want to grow up just like her. Okay that was a totally delusion of grandure on my part…but really if I won’t wash my own coffee cup (and gets pissy when Ducky does) who am I to comment further?

  2. Cele says:

    Oh, ohoh, and having someone to help you shoulder parenting responsiblities is a big plus.
    1) It keeps you from burning out,
    2) feeling like you’re always the bad guy, and
    3) becoming a push over because of one and two.

    It must be a list night.

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