Oh Sh*t!

4/1/09 Wednesday

I got to work and worked things out with my boss. We had a disagreement the week before. She and I get along really well and seem to communicate well. She can have a difficult personality, but she and I have made it through the last year and a half together.

I had diarrhea around 3 that day and didn’t think much of it. When Little Guy and I got home, I tried to do the dishes, but diarrhea came back so fast that I barely made it to the toilet in time. Little Guy watched me sit on the toilet with a grimace on my face. “Mama, you’re really sick,” he said. I agreed.

Okay, it was real, and I needed Pepto immediately. I drank some and took a shower which delayed the dishes and Little Guy’s dinner even more. Who cared at this point? Little Guy kept looking at my butt with curiosity before my shower.

When I got out, I feared a repeat of my dire situation again, so I put on one of Little Guy’s Pull-Ups. Yes, I squeezed my little butt into one of those and rustled as I walked for the rest of the night. I discovered how little they breathe and woke up in the night feeling kind of sweaty.

I had Pepto for dinner, 2T every hour until 9. I don’t remember what Little Guy had. We went to bed.

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