fun in the snow

Saturday, I didn’t have to be work until 4. I picked up Little Guy at 7:30 a.m., after 3 hours of sleep.  I went out this weekend.  More on that at another time.  Anyway, sometime around lunchtime, Little Guy and I decided to take the dogs for a walk.  It was snowing still, and we had received about a foot the day before. 

We headed up the road and found ourselves a nice bank of snow to sit down in after Little Guy wanted to see the stream he could hear.  We pretended to be dogs by kneeling and digging in the snow with our paws.  Snow went all over our laps.  The real dogs wanted to play ball, and we kept them occupied by throwing the two balls they had brought while we played. 

We sat in the snow and threw snowballs to the other side of the road.  Little Guy’s got a pretty good arm.  We tired of that.  Then, Little Guy called “snowball fight.”  We threw snowballs at each other and laughed and laughed. 

Next we played “way high,” a game that involves throwing a snowball, in this case, way high, straight up in the air.  I granny-shot snowballs and impressed Little Guy.  He’s still catching on to how to get the balls to go straight, but we laughed anyway no matter if they went up or behind him or fell out of his hands. 

The clouds started to part and the sun to shine at last.  I laid down in the snowbank to watch the sky.  Little Guy joined me.  We pointed out shapes and animals the clouds made.  It was so relaxing and fun.  I like being a silly mama and spending time with a silly son.

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