Vacation Pre-Planned and Needed More than Ever!

I am on vacation.  Yes, I took two of them this year.  Why?  Because I can and I need to.  No, I don’t get paid vacation, but I get time off. 

I have had this trip loosely planned since August or so.  Then, when life changed forever for me and Little Guy, I needed to get away and looked forward to it more than I already had been. 

We are staying at Sid‘s for two weeks.  So far, we have gone on walks every day with the dog and napped almost every day.  We have had scrumptious meals made by Scott or restaurants.  I have read an entire book and started a second one.  With the humidity, our skin has softened and my hair has more curl in it than it did, well, ever. 

While I haven’t gotten to escape all responsibility of tying up Ex’s loose ends, I have found that it’s not so bad to take care of those things in a warm, sunny, snow-free environment.  As much as I wanted to cry today after making difficult phone calls, those tears didn’t make it past my eyeballs.  I don’t know if the humidity tricked them into thinking they were already running down my face, or if my own stubbornness worked at keeping them in, but I was grateful for them staying in. 

We have a little over a week left of enjoying the weather and an open schedule and seeing friends that we don’t see nearly as often as I’d like.  I hope I get one more day by the pool in my tank top with my sweater tucked behind me for when the cool breezes pick up and to finish the rest of the other book Sid chose for me.  Even if I don’t, what I want most is for Little Guy to remember his first time at the beach and the time we have spent with family here.  I also would like to return home looking rested.  I hear rum drinks help with that.


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2 Responses to Vacation Pre-Planned and Needed More than Ever!

  1. Cele says:

    Now that is a most excellent confession. Take care of yourself, chase the wind, have fun, and most of all enjoy the wonderful people around you.

  2. Ollie Pitts says:

    Hey there, cool blog, just curious what spam software you use for comments since I am getting lots on my web site.

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