Vacation Part II

For the second time this year, I have vacationed in a manner involving one-on-one time with Little Guy and socializing time with family during the evenings and weekend.  I find this kind of vacationing more therapeutic and soothing, as opposed to having a vacation jam-packed with activities daily.  Can you imagine Disneyland?  I can’t.  So, Little Guy and I are just hanging out in new territory, walking a lot, and adventuring with Sid and Scott on the weekends.

I have had the time to feel solitary sadness over Ex, pity for Little Guy (not my proudest moment), and celebration for Ex.  I know he’s happier now than he was on this plane.  I never have to think again, ‘Has he really done it this time?’  I’m relieved to let that worry go and to have the time to focus on one feeling at a time.  Yeah, I’m still mad and resentful sometimes, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On this vacation, Little Guy has gotten to know Sid and Scott well enough that he hugs them both.  Yesterday morning, when I got up, Little Guy was sitting on Scott’s lap talking to him with his head his chest.  I’m also grateful that I have a delightful kid, who has bonded with Sid and Scott as well as they with him. 

Little Guy has tried lots of new foods here, like Persian chicken and beef, Chinese spaghetti (chow mein), jasmine tea, fresh spring rolls, and grilled beef steak.  I have a rule about dinner:  Eat it or don’t!  (We told Little Guy that the Persian meats were elk-chicken and elk-beef to get him to try them.  He talked a lot about liking to eat elk when we first arrived.  Y&H had shot one the Thursday before we left and brought a steak over for dinner that Saturday.)

Scott cooks a lot and with variety.  It’s made me realize how little I have expanded my recipes in the last year.   Of course, we’ve kind of been living in temporary situations.

Before I left Ex, I cooked dinner every night.  I cooked something different every night because Ex wouldn’t eat leftovers.  I meal-planned every week.  When I moved out, I let my culinary skills rest on the back burner.  It was hard to cook using the roommates’ pots and pans.  And the roommates were vegetarians. 

I’ll finish moving into my new house when I get back from vacation next week.  I’m looking forward getting back to my meal-planning self.  Since Ex’s stuff is all Little Guy’s stuff, and he won’t use a KitchenAid or any Calphalon cookware for many more years, I have a kitchen with every gadget I could ever need, and few that I don’t, ready for me to start making new creations and keep Little Guy (and me) trying new things.

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2 Responses to Vacation Part II

  1. Cele says:

    It sounds like you’re clearing cobwebs and planning your future Jenn, good luck. I’m glad you had a great vacation, I can’t think of a better place to get away to that Palazzo Pentozzi.

  2. Sideon says:

    I cook good, too!

    Pizza = Zachary’s or Skipolini’s
    Thai = in Todos Santos Plaza
    Persian = Didar
    Breakfast = Coco’s or IHOP or Katy’s Kreek

    We loved having you and Little Guy here, Jenn.

    Big hugs to you.

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