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Talk Thursday – Progressions

I spent a lot of today thinking about what I have to offer.  I felt like an emotional wreck and would have rather stayed in bed all day.  Since I couldn’t, I went to work and spent my free time … Continue reading

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Memories to Keep

My boyfriend came home last night around 9, and I told him Little Guy was still awake.  I had just been in his room to rescue the cat who I heard meowing and groaning, trapped in the arms and bed … Continue reading

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It was the best of times..

Being laid-off hasn’t been all bad. I have time to take care of things that I have put off for at least 6 months. I have time to walk the dogs every day. I have time to stop and smell … Continue reading

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Vacation Part II

For the second time this year, I have vacationed in a manner involving one-on-one time with Little Guy and socializing time with family during the evenings and weekend.  I find this kind of vacationing more therapeutic and soothing, as opposed to having … Continue reading

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A Mourner’s Guilt

Little Guy and I are at the old house today.  Housesitting ended, and we don’t have anywhere else to go without imposing on anyone.  We took a walk in the neighborhood.  Little Guy started talking about the day that his … Continue reading

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I’ve thought all week about the last post I wrote and whether it’s a small issue or a big one.  I don’t want to fight about small stuff, if it doesn’t matter.   I don’t have to fight with Ex … Continue reading

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Perspective – Single Mom Life

Last night as I was driving home at 10:00 p.m. with my drowsy kid in the backseat, I realized that in order for me, as a single mom, to have a social life and get things done, my kid has … Continue reading

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