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Increase the Caffeine

After drinking tea for 7 months rather than coffee, I switched back to coffee.  Life got too crazy for me to put up with tea.  I needed the real stuff.  I knew the truth when I started brewing my morning … Continue reading

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Perspective – Single Mom Life

Last night as I was driving home at 10:00 p.m. with my drowsy kid in the backseat, I realized that in order for me, as a single mom, to have a social life and get things done, my kid has … Continue reading

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The Best

I’m at my mom’s right now, sitting at the kitchen table reading the weekend edition of the newspaper and drinking coffee.  I can’t stop smiling at this utopic moment. Oh, and I’m back on coffee.

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Life is good.

I went for a long walk this morning with the dogs.  The view going up of the the trail of the peaks made it worth jumping out of bed.  On the way down, the sun shined in my eyes, so … Continue reading

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Life is Crazy. (Talk Thursday – “Scattered”)

Life is crazy.  Life is short.  You only live once (that you remember).  Life’s a bitch and then you die.   The last one I don’t live by, but the first three have run through my head for the last … Continue reading

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Talk Thursday – The Space in Between

I feel like I need some space today, some quiet, some alone-time. If my kid wanted to tag along, I’d be alright with that.  Last week’s forced quiet served me well.   We had an early night Friday night at … Continue reading

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Forced Day Off – Sit and Listen to the Music

I have forced myself to take today off.  My body has forced this.  For the second day, I have a sore, swollen throat, more mucus than usual, much less energy than normal, and not much of an appetite.  I have … Continue reading

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I should be in the shower right now, but I wanted to post something first.  I enjoyed my birthday yesterday.  I enjoyed it for the first time in a long time.  I even told people it was my birthday.  I … Continue reading

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Phases – A Kick in the Rear

I do NOT like be awakened from naps.  I was almost asleep, drifting into my afternoon thoughts on life, when Little Guy joined me on the couch…and started kicking me in the rear.  I told him repeatedly to stop.  He … Continue reading

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