Six Month Check Up :D

I had my 6-month check up on Friday, October 18th. I expected to be in and out that day, and I was! The school district near the hospital was on Fall Break, and I think that helped. Very few people were in the waiting room of the Cancer Center. It looked like only 4 doctors were on staff that day. Everything ran early.

I left work an hour before my Noon appointment. Not much traffic. I got to the center early. The medical assistants called my name 10 minutes before my scheduled lab time for blood work. I went and ate lunch in the cafeteria which was fullll of people. I got back to the center about 15 minutes before my appointment time, and they called my name almost immediately!

The appointment went well. My blood levels came back like a normal person’s! DID YOU HEAR THAT? Like a normal person’s! I almost cried. I didn’t really have anything to discuss with my doc, other than the podiatrist thinks my foot pain is related to my back, and my back still hurts, and no, I haven’t heard from the Spine Clinic. We chitchatted the rest of the time. I got to see my nurse for a quick minute.

I went off to the Infusion Center for my bone shot twenty minutes before my appointment time, and again, I was called back early! OMG! Best hospital day ever! I got a bay to myself. I had magazines, earphones, my phone and a warm blanket like I was going to stay an hour.

Nope! My nurse was on top of it, and had my shot ready.

I left the hospital at my scheduled bone shot time of 1:50/2, and I was home by 2:45.

On the way home, I called my dad. I had to tell him the news about my blood levels. We talked for almost the whole ride home, a good 45 minutes. He told me about a friend who has used a treatment pill for almost 20 years (or was it 10? my memory…think he and his sister were both diagnosed the same year) for ovarian cancer. His sister had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997. Since she had already been through Leukemia treatment in the early 80s when they basically microwaved all of you for radiation treatment, she didn’t heal from ovarian cancer and died in 1999. I remember visiting her in the hospital in the 80s. She was never the same after getting treated for Leukemia. Always too hot. We focused on the friend still living.

I got to pick up my son from school and take him to his haircut. I told him about my blood levels. He got a little excited. (He’s 14, so excitement can be subdued.)

“Does that mean you don’t have cancer anymore?”

“No,” I told him. “There’s no cure for my cancer…yet, only treatment. I still have cancer, and treatment is working!” Yeah, it sucks to have to deliver a reality check.

The good news is that my levels are normal, and I’m feeling pretty darn good! I’m hoping to increase my activity level and start strengthening my back and leg again soon, leg at least!

I was referred to the Pain Clinic today by my doc. I don’t know what that means exactly. I couldn’t get a hold of them today on my lunch. I assume it means that I have pain and no one can explain it, so I get to meet more people at the hospital. 😀

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