Horror Movies & Me? I tried!

My husband looooves good horror films! I’ve seen more scary movies during the time we’ve been together than I ever have in my whole life. This summer, we saw Midsommer. While parts of it were funny, and super creepy, or disturbing, I felt emotionally drained at the end of it. C was impressed I made it through the whole thing. I think I kept my eyes open during most of it.

Then we saw It: Chapter 2 last month. I couldn’t watch a lot of it. I’m jumpy as it is, and the movie did a good job at making me jump.

Anyway, I’ve decided that after watching scary movies, I feel drained and tense all at the same time. My jaw gets tired from clenching for however much time. My muscles, yeah they’re still coming back, feel sore. My brain gets overloaded with all the emotions a scary movie makes you feel. I don’t like it. It’s too much to process. Maybe it would have been better to watch at home where the screen isn’t so big.

I tried. I may try another. I enjoy movie dates with my husband, which is why I go in the first place. The horror movies, though? They’re not my fave. I really enjoyed Ad Astra! And Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! Can anyone else relate?

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