I got my first tattoos!

I got my first tattoos!

The day after my all-day visit to the cancer clinic, I had my radiation planning session. The radiation technician gave the tattoos to me as part of mapping for radiation treatment. They’re little tiny blue dots that get lined up with lasers so the radiation works on the right areas. Also during mapping, a mold got made of my back, so that I could lie in it while getting treatment on my spine. For that I got a dot on each side of my rib cage and one on the sternum. I have to say that one hurt the most! I can only imagine how much it hurts to get a big tattoo on the sternum. One dot and I complained about it for a couple days.

Since the radiation oncologist wanted to possibly treat my pelvis, too, I had mapping done there and got two dots on my lower tummy and one on each hip. They made a mold of my legs for that treatment. Dots on the tummy don’t hurt, much like getting a shot there where we have more adipose tissue.

I called my dad that night while I went for a very slow walk up the street. (Walking too fast induced the cough!) He had cancer a few years ago and underwent radiation treatment too. I said, “Dad, you didn’t tell me I was going to get tattoos!” He had prepped me for radiation and told me that it doesn’t hurt, just makes a person tired.

He said he’d forgotten all about the tattoos and laughed. He laughs a lot and is great to talk to about cancer treatment. Very reassuring and tells me about our tough Scottish and Danish heritages that fight like hell through things!



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