I Lovesies You.

Yesterday morning, Little Guy didn’t have to make himself a lunch because he was going to have lunch at an event he attended at the high school. I had gotten in the shower on time. He had gotten up without much struggle or snoozing. We had time to sit and hang out and eat our breakfasts at a mellow pace.

When he enters the kitchen in the morning, I’ve been giving him a hug. He usually wants to stay in the hug for a minute to warm up.

While I was putting my lunch together, he came up to me and said, “I lovesies you.” I looked him the eye and told him that I lovesies him too.

This moment made my day! He’s thirteen and still sweet for the most part. He has his not sweet moments, as we all do.

I listened to a meditation about letting go during my lunch, and that moment surfaced and made me smile (and tear up). I am grateful to have a kid that expresses love.

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