NYC in April – a letter to my dad

Hi Dad,
My boyfriend and I stayed in New Jersey and rode the ferry back and forth every day to NYC. We walked 40 miles in our 4.5 day trip, two of the days totaled 13 miles each.
We went to the city as soon as we got there on Thursday afternoon, rode the ferry during sunset to NYC and had an okay dinner too close to Times Square.
On Friday, we went to the Modern Museum of Art and got subway passes to get around, though we still walked quite a bit. We could hardly believe how far you could go for $2.45! We ate at Trinity Place, a converted bank vault with old, circular bank vault doors in the Financial District. Then we went to the World Trade Center and its memorial. We also walked through Oculus, a shopping center that looks like the rib cage of a very large animal from the outside, next to the WTC.
Saturday, we walked to the ferry and found some really good pizza in NJ on the way, and went to a Broadway show, Avenue Q. We went to Central Park after the show and had some pastries and listened to the park ambience and smelled the full-bloom cherry blossoms. After that we walked to an Italian restaurant tucked away in a neighborhood near fancy 5th Avenue. I know we only had one waiter, but about four people waited on us and brought us delicious and simple Italian food. We went to Times Square after this and experienced the density of people and traffic!
Sunday, we went to Brooklyn and spent the day there, went into the library, napped in Prospect Park, ate some okay tacos, then rode bikes across Brooklyn to the Bridge.
We ended our trip Monday morning by running errands to get a gift for Mom and Little Guy, then ate lunch at Ben’s Kosher Deli and had no regrets over that meal!
NYC was the kind of trip where you need to rest when you get home, the exact opposite of the trip we just took to the Dominican Republic, which was all relaxing and minimal planning once we got there. I’ll get my photos together eventually from that trip. It’s a lot of beach, some more beach, and beach. I couldn’t get enough of the ocean!
Talk to you later! Enjoy the photos of NYC!
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