NYC, OCD, and no hand sanitizer!



Yes, I did this. I went to New York City with  my obsessive-compulsive hand washing, forgot my hand sanitizer and survived!

I know that I could have bought some hand sanitizer while I traveled. I had every intention of going to Target or a convenience store and getting some. I made a Target list in my phone:


hand sanitizer





disinfecting wipes

Despite staying within a block of a Target, I never made it there. I was too busy experiencing the city. When I went to the small shops for a snack or a fresh carrot juice craving, I forgot to grab a tube of hand sanitizer every time.

Part of obsessive-compulsive disorder is maintaining rituals. I wipe my phone down every day. I always wash my hands before I eat. I take a zinc tablet after any flight. I forgot my wipes, zinc, and as mentioned sanitizer.

I still washed my hands when I could before I ate while I traveled. And I ate! I have a female bladder, which I recently learned is half the size of an adult male bladder. No wonder I have to go all the time! Even though it can be inconvenient to have to pee all the time while exploring a city, it did give me the opportunity to wash my hands more often.

My phone stayed dirty for the whole trip. Before going to bed each night, I didn’t touch it after I had washed my hands. No way. Gross!

I am really proud of myself for being so normal, shall we say? I still had thoughts about cleanliness or the lack thereof, subway (cough, cough). I happily held hands with my traveling partner, even when his hands were not clean. I went out of my comfort zone, literally and felt like a successful traveler who can go anywhere!

And I cleaned my phone as soon as I got home!

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