The Dating Pool

I remembered the last time I was single. It was not college. It was after the gut-piercing breakup two and half years ago. I jumped in the dating pool too soon after that (a month or two) and dated someone really not right for me for maybe six weeks. He had initially asked me out around the same time that the gut-piercer did, but I ignored it. I must have given off a single-gal pheromone when he tried the second time, and I had an impulsive moment and agreed to lunch after emailing him a critique of his website. After a few weeks of him pushing his timeline on me, I was done. Also, I still wasn’t over my ex-boyfriend, nor was he over me, and we started dating again without being “together.” I learned (again) to not reunite with your ex. It works out for some people. Not for me.

I’m glad I remembered that I had felt not ready to date. It served as a good reminder to take my time before I dip my toes in the water.

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