Denver in Motion

In January, I made a statement to my mom that I would like to aggressively pursue making a big geographical change closer to her in the next year. A job opened up within my company within the next week. I applied and then interviewed AND GOT THE JOB!

Little Guy and I moved to Denver.

We have accepted some trade offs for our city life. We get to see my mom a lot more. Thirty minutes to get to my mom’s house beats an hour and forty-five! She picks up Little Guy from school for me, too. I couldn’t have made this move without her playing a major role. It takes two minutes to get any of the three grocery stores by our house. Oh choices! After living where almost everything felt inconvenient for so long, I enjoy having everything so close. I have a commute which shortens our family time during the week yet, with public transportation, allows me an hour a day to read.

We were so ready for this.

I feel settled. I don’t feel like I need to move for a while. We found a modern condo to live in. I can afford to buy property here one day. I have hopes of finding a partner with priorities more aligned with mine. Did you hear that? I have hope.

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