Box It Up

LIttle Guy and I looked at another place to live tonight. It would suit us perfectly, but it does not allow pets. I’ve got a plan, though. Don’t worry. Wait, that’s not the plan. I always worry. I have a plan for the cat. It’s not ideal for the cat, but it would allow us to move to a better place without worrying about him. My mom, the best person on the planet that I have ever met, agreed to take care of him for me. She already has cats, and he would stay in his own room, the one we stay in when we visit. It would allow us to move.

The place is quiet. And furnished. And on the top floor with skylights. It has doors! And a full kitchen! And did I mention quiet? 

I haven’t told the owner one way or the other yet. I wanted the night to think it over. I have made the decision to take it. I need it. I need a quiet place where we can get our rest. It should never be too much to ask for. I can afford it, too. It will be a little more than what I pay now, but the tranquility will be worth it, as well as having a healthier mental state. 

I want to look forward to going home again. 


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