As promised, I have roared this year.  

I confronted my landlord, my reason for wakeful nights and a slew of issues that go along with not sleeping.  After getting woken up and pacing in my place for about 25 minutes the other night, I put on a hat and coat and headed up for a chat.  Okay, that sounds quieter than it was.  I probably woke up a neighbor, and they probably thought, ‘Way to go her!’

My landlord was very nice and apologetic and very drunk.  I was very, very mad and full of adrenaline.  Overall, it went better than I expected.  He and his friends may have bashed me after I left, but oh well.

I need my sleep.  I pay for a place to sleep.  I cannot function without it.  

In the last week, I have cut myself while cooking, found cheese stored not in the fridge, and run a red light.  I know I’m hard on myself, but that’s not like me.  I have also started stuttering since living here.  I don’t stutter!  

I know living here is temporary.  Everything is.  As I have felt since the third day I lived here, I look forward to moving on to a better apartment.  This situation sucks.  Great neighborhood, great neighbors, great location, mismatched landlord.  He’s unique, and I have never found myself in a situation like this, and I hope never to find one like it again.

On a positive note, I have proved to myself and my son and my friends that I have the nerve to confront people and say what I need to say.  I have also learned how important constant communication is in every relationship.  

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