Sugar + Reality = Moderation

This weekend, I had a trying Sunday.  My extra disrespectful landlord woke me up at 2 in the morning with his loud, drunk friends.  Little Guy had a friend staying over.  We had volunteered at an event Saturday night, I had worked that morning, and Little Guy had snowboarding lessons to get up early for on Sunday.  I felt tired from my Saturday and had looked forward to sleeping about 7 hours so that I could get two boys up early and have some fun in the snow myself.  

And then, BOOM, STOMP, STOMP!  I got woken up.  Just a wee nap I got that night before the party started upstairs.  

Sunday, I felt tired, so stressed that I can hardly believe I still have hair, hopeless that I would ever get out of this nightmare of a living situation, and longed for quiet.  I ate a good breakfast and a healthy lunch when I got back from some errands.  

As I’ve said before, feeling tired does not help me resist Sugar’s calls.  Stress also doesn’t help.  I knew I had some good, dark chocolate in the pantry from Christmas.  Sugar called, and I answered.  

I had a little bit of chocolate.  Not a lot.  Maybe 3 little squares.  It tasted good, like chocolate that was worth waiting for.  

Do you know what I decided?  

I decided that sugar, in moderation, will be okay.  I admire my choice to avoid processed sugar for an indefinite amount of time.  I needed to do that.  I should do it again.  But not now.  I go through enough now, and I deserve a little bit of quality chocolate every now and then.  I won’t eat a package of cookies or a giant container of jelly beans, just a little will do.  I still have healthy options of fruit, too.  I enjoy a little bit of dark chocolate every now and then, though, and I deserve it.

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