Sugar Called. I answered.

Two days ago, Sugar called.  I answered.  She arrived in the form of homemade carrot cake and contained carrots, pineapple, raisins, and nuts, topped with a buttery frosting that may have contained cream cheese, but I couldn’t tell while it melted in my mouth.  So, the cake contained mostly fruit, vegetable and nuts and sounded healthy.  After a few hours of admiring the cake, I decided to try a large bite.

It tasted so good and had the perfect consistency, not too dry, not soggy.  About five minutes later, I went back and cut off another large bite and ate it in two bites.  I wanted to savor each moment of indulging my weakness.

I stopped after that, even though I wanted to finish the rest of the cake because it tasted so good.  I knew I didn’t need to. I’m trying to keep my processed sugar intake in check.

Later that night, I went to a cake pop party to make them for an event coming up.  I had never eaten or made cake pops before, but I had heard about their amazingness.  That’s not even a word.  I had also heard about the lengthy process one must take to make cake pops which includes, mixing, rolling, freezing, sticking them with candy sticks, dipping them in melted chocolate, decorating, then wrapping them for hygiene.  Well, one got dipped, and it didn’t turn out so well.  Definitely not sellable.  I took one look at my son, who had his hands full with the sticking in candy sticks part and not watching me, looked back at the cake pop, and I ate it in one quick bite.

I would do that again, if given the chance.  I wouldn’t do it often.  It had everything I’m trying to avoid in it.  For a treat, I would enjoy one, ONE, one again.

So, I made it twelve days without processed sugar.  I felt like I kept Sugar in check when I did let her back into my life.  I didn’t overindulge.  Now, I’m on Day Two again, barely.  I made it through yesterday, and I was tired from not sleeping well the night before. I expect today to challenge me because I got woken up at 3:39 this morning, so the stress of living where a good night’s rest is hard to get, plus feeling tired won’t make things easy.

I will pack healthy snacks for work, such as pistachios and fresh fruit, maybe half a bagel with cream cheese or some turkey jerky.  It should help.  When I run out of healthy things to eat, I go for sugar in whatever form I can find it.

If Sugar calls today, I hope I don’t answer.

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