Pros, Cons and Place

I overheard a conversation between two divorced women this morning.  One had lists of complaints about their Ex’s lack of financial support and time with their child.  The other woman related to the sharing expenses and custody.  I related to the one saying that she hasn’t gotten a break in a while.  I wanted to say, “At least you get breaks and have shared custody,” but I didn’t.  I kept quiet.  I certainly don’t wish my situation on anyone else!

I didn’t relate to much else that she said.  I tuned out and counted my blessings.  I see pros and cons to everything.  I do not consider myself lucky that my son’s father died.  I feel grateful to not have to fight over anything with him.  He settled that for us.  

As difficult as it is some days for two stubborn people to live together, I love having my son around all the time.  We may butt heads more than I’d like, and that may make me wish for a day or two to myself, but it always passes, or I get a random night to myself.  Before I know it, I’ll have all of my days to myself and probably wish for the days of now.  And except for the short time that I spent separated from my son’s father, I have always had Little Guy with me all the time.  He’s the appendage that belongs with me.  He’s not extra, unwanted, or unasked for.  He has his place, and I love it.

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