Carpe Diem’s Drawback and Gain

Near the end of July, my mood had shifted along with my point-of-view on life. I decided to say yes to someone who had asked me out about 2 and a half years ago and then again recently. Maybe delirium had something to do with it after a month of not really sleeping much, but I had a ‘Carpe Diem!’ moment, and I took it.

After a couple of weeks of seeing the guy maybe once a week in the spare time I don’t really have, I knew I had jumped into the dating pool too early. Oops.

It’s not that he isn’t a great guy. He is. We had interesting conversation and a good time. I just found it all a bit suffocating. I couldn’t breathe.

So I let him go, before he got any more attached to the idea he had that we would be together. “Slow down. You’re movin’ too fast..,” I sang on the phone to him one night.

While I find my ‘Carpe Diem!’ moment courageous, I will pursue other ways to seize the day without dating at this time. I can’t blame myself for giving it a whirl. It’s more fun to think about rather than do at this point. I feel more peaceful after solidifying the choice to take more time for myself and my son.

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