Year of New

After reviewing my list of topics, I see that I have had many new experiences this year.  Not only have I tried skiing, I also went to Sonic.  Yes, Sonic, the fast food restaurant.  

I thought that I was the only one in the U. S. of A. who had not gone to Sonic before, but when I got there and ordered, the table waiting outside for their food told me they had never been to a Sonic before that day either.  Huh.  So, I’m not the only one.  

After consuming maybe half of my frozen ice cream treat, I decided I hadn’t been missing much.  Little Guy devoured his entire frozen ice cream treat without succumbing to his sugar overload.  Is there such a thing for kids?  Maybe not to them, but to me, as a parent, yes!


Little Guy and I have started mountain biking this year.  We have concluded thus far that we can go farther and explore more trails by hiking, but that we love mountain biking as long as we stay on the trails appropriate for our level: beginner!  We get stronger every time we ride our bikes.  


I took Little Guy to a baseball game.  I thought it would be strange as a single mom to take my son to a game, but it wasn’t.  We had a great time, even though it was 100 degrees outside.  I felt bad for the players having to play in all their gear, in the sun, with no protection from heat nor water bottles at their sides to cool them, but they’re professionals and get paid to deal with such conditions.


With my widow survival book as my inspiration and my renewed membership with the Broken Hearts Club, I went to a nearby town see some live music by myself.  I’ll admit, I knew the musician, but I drove there and sat by myself and felt totally okay enjoying the sounds of original music.  I think I would have felt differently had I gone out in my town, where people know me, where I would have to deal with awkward questions like “Where’s What’s-His-Name?” and the stigma of my suddenly solo status.  

I didn’t do that and I didn’t have to deal with that.  I went where no one knew me and it felt good.  My heart felt happy.  And it was good to see an old friend in his artistic setting.  I also felt like I could have gone that professional music route.  I should be the one up on stage singing or beating some drums or something, but I am not.  I still could. 

I have told myself that a lot lately.  I can do or be whatever I want.  Lawyer, veterinarian, singer, song writer, Master of Modern Dance, cat portrait-maker…just kidding, well, no I’m not.  I think I’m becoming a master of getting rid of excess, though I miss some things that I used to have.  Now that I don’t have them, such as, a pizza cutter, I can get one that I really want!  Land of opportunities, my friends.

I have decided that change brings opportunities, though some changes are easier to deal with than others.  I believe the opportunities that come with change outweigh the hardship.

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