Screw you, Materialism

I like to shop.  I like to shop online, not out and about where I have the pressure of actually buying something, unless we’re talking about going to that one store that starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘T’ and has red circles in its logos and I’m going by myself.  THEN, I like to shop.  If the above criteria has not been met, I shop online, or rather, I look at many things to buy.

I follow two websites dedicated to sample sales which mostly list clothes, shoes and jewelry.  I wish I didn’t compulsively visit a certain website everyday, but there’s no harm in looking, right?  I am not a trendy person.  I am not a frumpy person either.  I like to think of myself as having a classic and practical style.  This does not prevent me from lusting after a leather, wrap bracelet or two.  I mean, quality leather with a few simple studs in a bright color would pump up my style.

After much internal debate over whether I should visit mentioned site and risk my weak resistance in my fatigued state, okay, the tax site I needed wouldn’t load, I went there.  I looked at that coral bracelet again (that would go with nothing in my closet) and do you know what I decided?  I decided that one more THING would not make me a happier or a better person.  I have everything I need and want and even a little more.  Most of all, I have  really awesome people in my life and I have myself.

Oh yeah, and I was just kidding about the title.  Of course I need things, just not every little thing that comes…and goes with every trend.  I’m saving up for something else right now that will hopefully last longer than a trend and give us a good foundation.

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