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Eye Blinds February 5, 2013

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This post started with my son not finding the word for eyelids.  He’s 7.  I thought what a descriptive way to express his body part.  I love his imagination.  I hope my eye blinds have a good screen on them.  I am happy.

I intended to write more on this about how our “eyes” blind us, be it our eyes or our third eyes or what the fuck ever eyes, or how we can sometimes see it all but we block what we don’t want to see and sometimes we see what really is.

I got to see through realistic eyes today, not disillusioned to be more than I am.  At work anyway.  Anyway, yep, I meant to do that, realism sometimes poses as pessimism or optimism in some cases.  Seriously, does anything really matter as long as we do the best we can do?  Find optimism.  Find realism.  Find your eye blinds that block the negativity and see the best and realest of real.  Find those eye blinds that don’t accept or see fear.  Yep, I’m talking to myself again.

Life is good.  I swear.


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