Appreciation of a Night Out

I went out one evening this past weekend.  I went out with a girlfriend, then met up with some new friends, and I laughed so hard and so much, I was sore the next day.  Yes, I broke my month of not drinking because it was time and I felt ready.  No, I did not drive myself home.  I got a ride and got picked up in the morning.

Three days have passed, and I find myself grinning from ear to ear over how much fun I had and how much I needed and appreciated a night to do whatever I wanted.  I also realized that I have a few talents that go unappreciated and wondered what the hell am I doing in a career that doesn’t spotlight singing, dancing, and music playing?  Seriously!  Think of all the time I would have for reading and running and playing with Little Guy when he wasn’t with a tutor.  Wait, why would I want to run if I get to dance?  Okay, cross-training would be good.  Anyway, it’s something to consider in the next 2 years.  Tour bus, here we come!

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