TT – Weird Stuff I Dream About

I am fortunate to dream.  Mostly I work out whatever is on my mind in my dreams when I am fortunate enough to sleep.  I have slept this week, the deep sleep where I wake up and remember nothing but the dark, still of sleep.  That was unusual, so a normal week of dreaming involves dreaming about working in the restaurant again.

The last restaurant dream, a week ago, involved reopening the restaurant after a semi-annual closing and working the dinner shift.  The owners had revamped and simplified the menus.  I was unfamiliar with it all.  Everything was not back in its right place yet, so I couldn’t find the tickets on which to write the orders.  I had a busser who did not know to fill the water glass of each guest.  We had no ice.  I went to get a glass, and the whole shelf of them fell on the floor behind it, then in front of it.  None of the glasses broke.  The owners watched me.  I felt like I did everything wrong or not well enough on my first night waiting dinner tables with no preparation.  It was awful.

In the dream, I left the restaurant at mid-day after working the night shift, wearing a sari of white that faded into light blue and had many layers to it and nothing sparkly.  I passed current co-worker of mine going the opposite direction who had on a dark, turquoise sari with purple accents.  I was headed toward a town square that had grass and lots of people and small hills.  When I got there, some people tried to kidnap me.  My mom was there, too, not wearing a sari, but dressed in regular Americana clothing.  I stayed away from her to protect her.  I woke up before anything happened to me.

I remember when I started my current job last August.  It took weeks to stop having restaurant dreams.  The last one involved serving people outside, and again I could not find the tickets on which to write the orders or the bill holders, and the restaurant was a block away for some reason from the tables, or the tables took up a full block on an incline, and I wore the wrong clothes.  Lots of anxiety.  Lots of fear of failure or feeling like I wasn’t set up to succeed.  Lots of people yelling at me in that dream.  I have no regrets about leaving the restaurant business.



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2 Responses to TT – Weird Stuff I Dream About

  1. Cele says:

    Mine were checking dreams and I got traded to Safeway. Ack! it was as bad as the being back in high school dreams.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Stress dreams are fun, aren’t they? I have trial dreams where we’re on our way to court and can’t find the courtroom, or we’ve left all the trial materials back at the office, or the exhibits aren’t done, or….Back when I worked at a copy shop I’d dream I made 10,000 copies of the wrong flyer. It’s just weird how brains work.

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