Talk Thursday – 30 Things About Me

Okay, Cele.  This one I can do.

31.  I download ‘Glee’ episodes weekly.  Other than that, I don’t watch tv.

30.  I love all colors, especially purple.

29.  I got my first manicure ever just a few weeks ago.  Interesting.  The jury’s still out on this shellac/gel nail polish.

28.  I have a cat, an older cat.

27.  I love my mom and talk to her not nearly enough, but as much as I can.

26.  I have a date on Sunday with a cute man who is a single dad.

25.  I’m an organizer and, at times, a procrastinator.  Bonfire, anyone?  I could organize that and not have anything left to procrastinate about.  Ha, I win.

24.  I get compliments on my handwriting, a dying skill that I hope to revive in my own offspring.

23.  I had one wisdom tooth removed when I was 13.  I was glad I only had one grow in.

22.  I have unusually small feet, and it makes people laugh when they think my boots are my son’s.

21.  I have a 9-day rule that used to be 7.  If I have something in the fridge that I really want to eat, and it’s 9 days old, I’ll still eat it.  See the homemade apple pie in my tummy?

20.  I’m a glass half-full kind of person, but sometimes, it’s really in the middle.

19.  I have started saying gratitude prayers to the stars.  I always said them, but now I notice that I say them.

18.  I am grateful for all my friends and family, past and present, alive and not.  I miss a few people very much, like my aunt, but I am so happy to still have all of you!

17.  I sing every day and enjoy music a lot, all kinds, maybe not so much the punk, but so so much the funk.  Is it singable?  Yeah, I like it.  Yep, I even caught myself singing along to (gasp) the Grateful Dead.  I can’t believe I just admitted it.

16.  I drive stick transmission, always have, and I hope I always will.  Well, I drove automatic when I had the Chrysler New Yorker, but that was only for a year.

15.  I got my driver’s license when I was a month away from graduating college.

14.  I graduated from college with a BA in English when I was 19.

13.  I hope I find that drive again.

12.  My main purpose to make sure that I have a good life, and that my son has a good life, that we enjoy all the sunsets and sunrises we can, and that he knows I love him very, very much.

11.  I make my bed every day.

10.  A good day is a day when I remember to brush my teeth before I leave the house, so 30 out of 31 days are good days.  Yes, I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work in case it is not a good day.

9.  I love to read.  I always have at least one book going and a magazine and know what I will read next.

8.  I have training in dance and realized the other day that I have not performed in 6 years.  I did a ballet number and my balance was off.  Oops.  I was prego.

7.  I learned to ice skate as an adult about 7 years ago.  I skated until one day when my balance was off and I couldn’t land a simple jump.  Oops.  I was prego and now had lots of bruises on my knees.

6.  I performed my last play during the first few months of pregnancy.  No one knew until New Year’s when I wouldn’t have champagne.

5.  I hope to skate or dance more regularly soon.  The time has come.  The time is now.  Jenniphur K. Mooney, will you please go (skate) now?

4.  I’d love to do a play again, but it’ll have to wait till the little one is not so little.

3.  Tell me I’m bah-hum-bug, but I’m not into sugar-driven holidays.  Celebrate the true meaning, and I’m into that!  I’m getting better about birthdays.  Our mothers brought us into this world, and that IS something to celebrate!  Thanks to all the moms!

2.  I think better when I clean.  Sometimes, I just stew, but dammit, things get clean.

1.  I love my morning coffee, and going dancing, and having a few laughs over a glass of red wine.

0.  I like to cook but not to bake.

Whew I made it.  I’m going to go see what you all wrote.  Bye.

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – 30 Things About Me

  1. Cele says:

    Woo hoo girl friend I am impress. See it’s not as hard as it sounds. They kind of write themselves after you get going. You did 32. I shoot for 100 with one extra and usually have to go back and puts some together. who keeps from singing when Jerry and the boys are singing… Driving that train…? Love it.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Excellent job!! And anyone who can skate while preggo does not need to lose any sleep about when she last performed, IMHO.

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